Reiki Infinite Healer

Unlock the secrets of Reiki Healing with Reiki Infinite Healer. Discover how to balance your Chakras, wash away pain, and shield yourself from disease with our Reiki Course. Build your talents with our Reiki Meditations. Attune to higher levels of healing energy and learn to use advanced abilities with Attunements & Beyond. Get started today.

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Reiki Infinite Healer Reviews

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José Abreu

December 05, 2021

I like this course I automatically feel a incredible healing white ligth and I could heal my self and others with it. The course teaches everithing good and have incredible extras to teach us how to use better Reiki. Thank you Dave Nelson for this incredible course and the support you give. Namaste

Harpal kaur

December 05, 2021

I Loved it. Thank you

Elizabeth Christie

December 04, 2021

Once I got onto the 2nd course I began to connect .I found it very exciting . When I meditate I have always been able to channel.I am an artist and need visual so the symbols help me. Practise every day. Thank you

Malcolm (Dr) Pearce

December 04, 2021

The course is far beyond brilliiant. It is authentically Usui in flavour I feel deeply connected with the source of Reiki in a way that I have never felt from any other Reiki program I have attended. I am profoundly grateful for the privilege of having been guided by a teacher with such enormous knowledge, skill and warm compassion,


November 21, 2021

This course provided more background, in depth and extended information, which gave me a better understanding of reiki, than in a course previously had taken. Love the support offered.


November 17, 2021

I find this Very interesting , but unfortunately some Ppl aren’t financially well Off and Can’t afford to buy things to help themselves along this journey, and most things to further my path require buying things


November 17, 2021

I loved it. It was easy to follow and understood. I also liked that I could go at my own pace. Thank you for this experience!


November 17, 2021

I found the course very informative. It has opened new doors for me to discover other aspects of healing, energy and our connection to universal energy. Thank you for Sharing your knowledge. While this course is not accredited in Canada it is a stepping stone to see if this the route to follow moving forward on your journey. Thank you again for Sharing you knowledge, Dave.


November 16, 2021


Jaime Michele Senter

November 10, 2021

This was a super easy to follow course and if you have any questions, they are answered within a responsible, super fast time frame! I really enjoyed learning from Dave!

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