Reiki Infinite Healer

Unlock the secrets of Reiki Healing with Reiki Infinite Healer. Discover how to balance your Chakras, wash away pain, and shield yourself from disease with our Reiki Course. Build your talents with our Reiki Meditations. Attune to higher levels of healing energy and learn to use advanced abilities with Attunements & Beyond. Get started today.

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4.6 out of 5 stars (based on 161 reviews)
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Reiki Infinite Healer Reviews

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Lizzy Hones

April 04, 2023

I am really enjoying reconnecting with Reiki 1 and 2 that I completed several years ago. I am able to do it in my own time so I feel it is really benefiting my whole life and approach to Reiki.

Dave Ott

March 20, 2023

I find it confusing. I don’t have time to read every email.. I will have to put all of the emails in a file and read0 them later.

Marian Ryan

March 13, 2023

I haven't had the time to get into it yet but I have had a look through the 1st section and it looks excellent and easy to understand and put into practice


March 13, 2023

Love this course, I decided to retake my reiki training since I was out of practice for a while and what a difference compared to my first time learning reiki. I’m feeling fully connected and excited to get back into practice.


March 09, 2023

So far I love the course. It is very informative. I know I’ll be able to use this information in many ways.

Angel Wright

March 07, 2023

I absolutely love these courses! I was told by another Reiki practioner that you couldn't learn Reiki online. These course would prove her wrong! I love being able to work at my own pace, plus have that extra time to practice between courses. It really makes a huge difference. Thank you for offering these courses.

Danielle Grusich

March 06, 2023

Excellent advice and insight into how to find your inner peace. This practice provides the ability to self diagnose.

Laurie Beaupre

March 01, 2023

The course online was very user friendly. It was easy to navigate from start to finish

Janice Eastwood

March 01, 2023

A well written, easy to read course packed full of information. I purchased this course as a refresher course, after not practicing for a few years and have learned so much more than I had ever been taught before. Still a bit to go yet but enjoying every lesson.

Sandra B.

February 22, 2023

It is a really good course. It's easy to understand and well organized. I love the fact that you can learn the material at your own pace.

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