Purple Mattresses

The Purple® Mattress features the world’s only No Pressure® Purple Grid™. The Purple® Mattress is #1 In Customer Satisfaction With Bed in a Box Mattresses by J.D. Power. They achieved the highest scores in the following areas: Support, Comfort, Durability, Warranty, and Value (Given the price paid).

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About Purple Mattresses

The Purple Grid™ is instantly soft yet firm where you need it and remains cool all night. The Purple Grid™ has been improved with new features and options that further eliminates the comfort problems where normal mattresses are known to fail. The Purple Grid™ alleviates pressure on your hips and shoulders while fully supporting your back. You no longer have to toss and turn to find comfort, support and that perfect temperature! Get the best of both worlds with the Purple® Mattress!

The Purple® Mattress also offers an array of mattresses to fit your specific needs and specialty items to compliment your mattress for the utmost comfort.


  • Variety of Purple® Mattresses for your specific comfort needs
  • Variety of Purple® Pillows
  • Wide Variety of Purple® Seat Cushions
  • Specialized Purple® Bedding
  • Specialized Purple® Bed Frames
  • The Purple® Pet Bed

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