Northstar Bison

Northstar Bison has a staunch belief that humans are the caretakers of both land and animals. Northstar raises all of their grass-fed bison, elk, and other proteins naturally with dignity and respect.

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About Northstar Bison

Northstar Bison is a family owned and operated enterprise that began in September 1994. All of their protein products are raised with the highest quality and standards. Northstar has close relationships with local farmers who are also raising animals with dignity and respect, while sustaining the land as nature intended. This means that 100% grass-fed animals are good for the land, good for the animals and the best nutrition for people.

The Northstar ranch stretches across 1,200 acres in Northwest Wisconsin and East Central Minnesota. About 600 bison are grazing and raised using the Holistic Resource Management principles. When you purchase Northstar products, you are supporting farm families who are as passionate about good food, good land, and good people as they are.

Come and see their wide variety of meat and protein options made from specialized products such as bison, elk, rabbit, turkey, chicken, pork, lamb, goat and other more exotic proteins! Northstar also has grass-fed cheeses, bones and broth, plus pet food, treats and chews!


  • Natural Meats – Bison, Beef, Elk, Rabbit, Turkey, Chicken, Pork, Lamb, Goat, Ostrich, Venison and Wild Boar
  • Raw, Grass-fed Cheese Varieties 
  • Bones and Liquid Gold Bone Broth varieties
  • Pet Food, Treats and Chews
  • Bison Apparel (Fleece and Leather)
  • Seasonings
  • Essential Oil Bison Soaps and Cleaners

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